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The home the award-winning, demand generation copy and content writer, Bryan Lyng. My work has helped my 130+ clients post record sales, secure VC funding and even come back from the dead (it's true). And I would love to do all that and more for you.

Incredibly experienced, reasonably priced - and amazingly effective, I'm the pretty-darned-close to perfect resource for anyone seeking to create a new brand identity, pump up their demand gen game - or launch a comprehensive content marketing campaign.

In addition to my 15+ years serving startups, I also serve as an on on-call lecturer for the University of Southern California’s Lloyd Grief Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, where I regale bushy-tailed undergrads on the intricacies of brand images, customer messaging and stuff like that. Oh, and I am also a contributor to

To view some samples of my work, click here - or contact me at +1.323.253.7290, or


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